Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Back!!!

I have been planning to return to blogging for quite a while; in the meantime, a good seven months managed to slip through my fingers!

At some point, the very fact that I had been out of the game for so long - the awkwardness of simply posting new material without offering an extensive explanation for my absence - became, in and of itself, a cause for hesitation on my part.

Then it happened - just as I had finally prepared myself to bite the bullet and post again, I was literally prevented from blogging by "Blogger", because I was suspected of maintaining a "spam blog". As is often the case with frustrating situations in life, my inability to blog actually fueled my desire to do so. This morning, I discovered that the ban had been lifted, and all of the anxious anticipation that had been building up for two weeks inspired me to compose this re-introductory piece.

It's official - I am back in the blogosphere, and over the weeks and months to come I plan to remain active here on a regular basis. So please continue to check back for new posts, and spread the word to readers who may have given up on me by now.


Chaim B. said...

Welcome back... and now we all expect a post before Pesach!

Rambam System said...

Exactly as Chaim B says.

David Guttmann said...

Welcome back!

Matt said...


Kylopod said...

Good seeing you.