Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Can Say Goodbye

I Can Say Goodbye

I can say goodbye to you today

Like a flower says goodbye

To the soil that fills its veins with life,

And wrapped gingerly in a blanket of tears is laid

On chilly graveyard’s impenetrable ground

Or is left by fluttering hearts to wait and wilt

On unrequited love’s cruel threshold.

I can live apart from you tomorrow

But only if a rainbow’s graceful arc can shine undimmed

Without the brilliant shades of sunlight’s palette

And the canvas of misty air on which she paints.

I ask myself,

Will not my ears be deaf to music

Once emptied of the soothing balm of your sweet voice?

Will not my arms be cold and cracked as stone

Once robbed of all the warmth of your embrace?

What picture of the world can I envision

Without your eyes to light the paths before me

Without your words to mollify my spirit

And your hand to lend me strength when I fall down?

How then will I take leave of you today

And how will I move on alone tomorrow?

I do not know.


moonlight1021 said...

I love your poems, right now the choice of moving is like going through the vision described in your poem The Door.

"You can choose, right now and in every moment, to put your powerful and effective abilities to purposeful use. There is always something you can do, no matter what the situation may be, that will move your life forward." it's from a Chinese fortune cookie.

hopefully though one day you return to NY also :)

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