Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Racism Against Sephardic Jews

That is the topic Rabbi Maryles considers in one of his most recent posts.

Hazaq U'varuch to him for taking a strong and principled stand on what is unfortunately a very sensitive issue.

(The comments are worthwhile perusing as well.)


David Guttmann said...

The comments are painful to read, Since those characters have hyjacked R. marryles' blog I have stopped reading the comments.

Rabbi Joshua Maroof said...

David, I was hoping for your feedback and he-arot on the Shavuot/Shemini Atseret posts.

Taming Korach said...

I made the following comment on his article:

I converted to Judaism in 1999. I follow Sephardic minhag, but I know mostly Ashkenazim. I see a lot of misconceptions from the posts here. Only amongst Haredim and older people (above 50 or so) is "mixed marriage" an issue. The fact is that Israeli society is much more integrated than it was say 30 or more years ago. I regularly see mixed dating at Hebrew University where I study, and particularly amongst secular youngsters, it is virtually meaningless.

Each community has its positive and negative quilities, just as every individual does. I think it's best to understand the faults of each and yet joyfully appreciate the positives. What is best?...Moroccan food-Yeke work ethic-Syrian money-Yemenite emunah-Ethiopian quietness-Sephardic tefilla-Lithuanian pilpul...those of us who have moved here realize this. It's better to formulate opinions based on experience rather than hearsay and someone else's misconceptions!