Sunday, March 11, 2007

Article on the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy

Back in September, I posted an extensive piece on the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy and their important role in our High Holiday liturgy. However, I have two good reasons for assuming that very few people read the original article, namely:

1) At that time, my blog was relatively new and the readership has grown a great deal since then, and

2) The article itself was lengthy, detailed and somewhat complex.

Because the September post deals with the structure of Parashat Ki Tissa - and, in my opinion, presents a helpful way of approaching many difficult aspects of that Parasha - I thought that this would be an ideal time to give it a special "plug".

Feedback on the original post will be much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

A couple questions:

1) What is your opinion on the claim that Hebrew was the first language?

2) How come there are arabic words in the Torah (at least according to Rashi) but no ancient Egyptian words? You'd think the Jews leaving Egypt would know far more Egyptian than Arabic.

3) Why are there Arabic words in the Torah? Shouldn't this theoretically detract from the Torah's kdusha (chas v'shalom) since arabic words are not loshon hakodesh? Did Hashem use these Arabic words to create the universe also?