Thursday, June 16, 2011



micha said...

One thing you do hear in the person the script-writer used to voice their own views... They don't get the full implecations of Torah shebe'al peh. To say that eiruvin probably violate issurim de'oraisa means not knowing how halakhah is made, the authority given humans to decide which interpretation of G-d's Law is the one to follow.

Which is also a bigger issue than any the accuser raises. He speaks about "mesorah" vaguely, but because the author doesn't get what mesorah is, he fails to be specific or persuasive. He is there to come across as closed-minded and foolish.

Lemaaseh, humans can get a pesaq wrong, in the sense of picking a ruling that doesn't flow from existing Torah. But the odds are ignorably small that 8 centuries of poseqim messed up on eruvin, rather than believing that we simply converged on a ruling other than the Rambam's. Too much "peer review" to take that possibility seriously.

And similarly, making a change that can alter the entire community dynamic without drawing from peer review, just because the books don't rule it out, reflects a similar lack of understanding of how things flow. Even if it turns out this change is permissible and a good idea, the way it's actually being done does not keep one connected to the dialog down the generations called Oral Torah.


micha said...
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moonlight1021 said...

This was cute!

Casey Springer said...

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